THe Process

Project Planning


Interior Architecture

Ron Mabry Architects provides the highest level of planning, design, and project management services. Our goal of excellence is realized by partnering with our client through a client-architect team approach and relationship. We recognize our client as an integral part of the design process. By collaborating with our client through the design and construction phases of their project, we are able to identify and understand the design parameters, goals, and expectations through our client’s eyes.

Before producing conceptual design drawings and sketches, we conduct project programming and ‘story board’ sessions with our client to identify project requirements in terms of master planning and site design, interior space and space relationships, interior volumes, and exterior building components, materials, composition, and specific requirements such as special building features, fixtures, and equipment.

After the building program is identified, we then produce 3-D conceptual design sketches, including any programming updates or modifications. Working with the owner, we conduct ‘design charette’ sessions, using the conceptual design sketches and the building program as a tool to interact with the client and stakeholders, receiving review comments, recommendations, and input.

After several design sessions refining the conceptual design and incorporating client input, we produce detailed construction documents illustrating the requirements for construction, schedule, and contractor contracts, and construction costs.

Once the owners are prepared to move forward with construction, we administer the contractor requirements for construction, the schedule, and payments to the contractor. When the project is ‘substantially complete’ we coordinate with the owner and contractor a project walkthrough and create the ‘punch list’ requirements for final completion and occupancy.

RMA also offers a pre-contract owner-architect program to assist the owner in due diligence effort in determining project feasibility.